Managed Security Services Forum LA County

Managed Security Services Forum LA County

Jun 30, 2020

Join a group of experts as they discuss challenges and best practices for optimizing your security services. Speakers include:

  • Brian Stoner, ALTR VP of Channels and Alliances
  • Jonathan Fairtlough, Kroll Managing Director of Cyber Risk
  • Christoph Sipe, Netflix Event Security
  • Kip Boyle, Cyber Risk Opportunities CEO

Our own Brian Stoner will be presenting on the following:

How to Securely Mine Your Data Warehouse and Data Lake

With organizations generating and storing more and more sensitive data on their customers and business operations, the ability to easily mine that data is critical to building a strategic advantage.  In this session we will discuss the benefits and risks of moving data to the cloud, as well as an array of use cases surrounding today’s most popular platforms.  You’ll discover best practices and proven strategies to ensure that your sensitive data is secure wherever it is, both in motion and at rest.