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Bring Digital Trust to Your Software with ChainAPI

ALTR ChainAPI provides you a way to quickly leverage ALTR's high-performance blockchain technology to provide your application users with unmatched data security and the trust of immutability.


Supported by numerous issued patents, ALTRchain is a private, permissioned blockchain technology optimized for ultra-low latency, scalable, and ultra-secure data storage. ALTRchain is accompanied by infrastructure-as-code for highly flexible deployment in nearly any node distribution that you desire.

What are the use cases?

ALTRchain provides tremendous value to your application in two primary use case scenarios.

Securing Sensitive Data

ALTRchain uses patented methods to break data into self-describing fragments, which are then distributed across private blockchain nodes. This method of storing data is ideal for creating highly secure data storage in the public cloud or in other environments where the developer does not maintain or control all aspects of the physical storage.

Creating Immutability

In processes involving more than one party, ALTRchain delivers digital trust by making it impossible to edit or delete data and activity records. By making data access intelligence immutable, a contract, deal room, or file brief assembled via ALTRchain ensures that all parties trust that data has not been modified and that they can rely upon an uneditable audit trail of all data access.

Does ALTR ChainAPI have any Data Access Intelligence or Governance features?

Yes, similar to the ALTR Platform applications, all changes to data access and rights are also stored immutably in the ALTRchain, and some governance features are available. Our goal is to make all of the power of the ALTR Platform available to Developers as well.

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