Jonathan Sander

Board of Directors

Jonathan Sander (aka Sander) has been working in IT, focusing on Identity and Security since 1996. Most of that time has been focused on translating ideas. From technology for lawyers to code for programmers, his focus has been the ability to simplify the complex with analogies. Sander currently serves as an Executive Board Member at ALTR, the only Data Security Platform for Security and Access Control, an Executive Advisor at Myota, the leading CyberStorage Platform, and consults for several other Cyber and Tech firms. Recently, Sander served as the Lead Sales Engineer at Talon (now part of Palo Alto) and was the founding member of the Security Field CTO team at Snowflake. If you don’t encounter him doing his duty spreading cyber-clarity far and wide, he can be found hanging around with his family or flipping through back issues at any comic shop he happens to see in his journeys.

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