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Ideally, as your company’s Snowflake Admin, you’d be focused on building pipelines and transforming data, but if you’re working with sensitive or regulated data, you may be spending more time implementing governance policies and granting access. ALTR can help automate those tasks so you get can get back to the fun part – optimizing Snowflake to deliver the most insights and value to the business.

Without ALTR

You have to manually implement data controls and grant access

This means writing SQL to control access, mask private information, create secure views, create column- and row-level policies, etc. and doing this every time you need to grant access to a new person or remove access from someone else. If your governance teams require you to mask sensitive data like email addresses or social security numbers, that also requires SQL. This is both time consuming and ensures that no one without coding knowledge can take on the task. And even if someone else does have the knowledge, only Snowflake admins have the permissions required to make changes.


You can control data and access at scale

You can set your policies based on the roles you already have set up in Snowflake. You can implement dynamic data masking with a few clicks on a menu. Or, because it’s so easy and requires no code, you can hand that task off to the team that needs that data to be masked.

You waste too much time reporting on who’s using the data and proving that data is safe

You’re constantly running ad hoc reports to answer the question “who’s using our data.” Maybe the requests come from the governance group in order to answer compliance questions or from security as part of a leak investigation. Or maybe it’s just so you can see what teams are making the most use of Snowflake so you allocate budget. And what you find will likely require ongoing maintenance and updates which are a nightmare to manage at scale.

You get a heatmap of data usage and can dig into your top users

Easily see who your top users and roles are, and what data they’re accessing. Audit data usage to demonstrate to governance teams that their governance policies are implemented correctly and identify new areas where policy can be applied.

Automate onerous governance tasks and get back to getting the most from your data.

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