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Security Teams

Integrate your data governance and security to take the guesswork out of protecting your data.

The rise in data-driven strategies has made it more difficult than ever to keep data secure. Traditional security approaches don’t make it easy for security teams to protect data while allowing the business to get value from it.

Without ALTR

Data everywhere is a security risk

Data has migrated out of the traditional systems and applications that used to contain it – now the entire company wants access to data for insights. A potentially unknown amount of sensitive and regulated data spread across your cloud and on-prem ecosystem has created a security risk that may be invisible until a leak.


Security teams can apply the right security policies on the right data

With ALTR’s cloud-native solution, you can unify data governance and security policies into a single platform to easily mitigate the risk of breaches across your ecosystem. ALTR’s platform can find sensitive data, understand the policies around who should have access, and set thresholds to limit access by rate, time and location, or block it entirely, in real time.

Protecting data is guessing game

Without a way to find sensitive data and understand the policies around who should have access, security teams are just guessing. You may revert to simply blocking access to the data, which may be safer, but certainly doesn’t enable the business.

Data is protected yet easily utilized

Security teams can establish alerts that integrate with your organization’s SIEM, SOAR and incident responses tools and processes. And you can tokenize critically sensitive data, protecting it at rest, in transit, and in use. Only the people who should actually have access to the data, do. And the people who need the data, have it, securely.

Take the guesswork out of who should get access to data. Make it more secure while enabling use across the business, so you can focus on stopping the real threats.

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