ALTR eBook: Snowflake Data Governance Buying Guide

Governance Teams

Stop wasting your time making sure other teams implement data governance policies correctly.
Automate it and move on.

Increasing data privacy regulations are driving a growing need to govern sensitive PII. But lack of control over access to the data, manual implementation processes, and no visibility into usage make the task time-consuming for governance teams.

Without ALTR

Governance teams can’t implement policy and don’t own access control

You have to ask data engineers, architects and DBAs to rollout these policies. They add it to their backlog of projects, and eventually get to it but not before you follow up, remind, poke, prod and nudge.


Governance teams can easily implement policy and automate access control

With ALTR, you can close the gap between policy creation and implementation with automated access control, that you own. ALTR allows you to classify sensitive data, apply access controls and mask sensitive data without writing code. You no longer have to rely on or wait for other teams to implement your governance policy.

Governance teams can’t see consumption

Finally, it’s done! But how do you know it’s working correctly? How do you know if the right data is being accessed by only the right person in the right amount? This requires a manual audit. And when something changes you get to do it all over again.

Governance teams can see consumption

Once it’s implemented, you can see data usage and know that the right data is going to right person at the right time for the right reason. You have a real-time audit trail. And if you need to make a change, you can do it quickly in ALTR and see that it’s working.

Spend less time trying to get others to implement your data governance policies and more time sure that the data is secure.

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