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Data Teams

You're responsible for implementing data access controls. You shouldn't be.

Companies are using more data across the business than ever before. Data teams, data engineers, architects and DBAs are working magic, putting that data into a format and location where it can be utilized by line of business users. But you’re distracted by something that seems like it shouldn’t be your job: implementing manual data governance policies on sensitive data.

Without ALTR

Data teams must implement governance policy

The governance team needs you to rollout a new “data governance policy” to control who gets access to sensitive data. You put it on your list of “to-dos” but it’s at the bottom. Why? Because it doesn’t seem like something you should focus on (does it really “add value”?), and it’s a very manual and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, someone has to do it, and because it requires SQL code and database access, it has to be you.


Data teams can focus on working your data magic

With ALTR’s no-code, automated solution, it’s so easy to implement access control and masking policies, you don’t even need to do it. The data governance teams can manage it themselves. And even if your company’s governance team is you, ALTR makes the process much easier. Either way, you win.

Data teams can’t include sensitive data in your data platform without access controls

The company’s data governance policies require sensitive data be discovered, classified, and controlled before it is utilized in data warehouses or by business intelligence tools. But again, this is an arduous process that means extra work for you and slows you down or stops you from delivering the full value of data insights to your internal customers.

Data teams can deliver a complete picture to line of business users

You can include sensitive customer information in online data platforms and BI tools safely so nothing is left out of the equation.

Save yourself time and effort so you can focus on helping your business get the most value from its data.

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