ALTR eBook: Snowflake Data Governance Buying Guide

Business Executives

Data-driven enterprises need to extract value from all your data.

The amount of data created and collected across enterprises continues to grow at an exponential rate. Today’s leading organizations need access to data insights while keeping data private and secure. But to get a complete view of your business, you can’t just leave sensitive data out of the equation, right?

Without ALTR

Cloud platforms can’t manage access to your data

To get a holistic view into operations, companies are moving large amounts of company information to cloud-based data warehouses like Snowflake. Cloud platforms have enterprise-level security, but they don’t and can’t be responsible for user credentials and access control. How can they know who should have access to your sensitive data?


You can ensure data privacy on your cloud platform

With ALTR, you get powerful governance and security natively integrated into your cloud data platform. You can move sensitive workloads to the cloud, confident that you control access and that data is protected.

You must have controls or leave out sensitive data

Privacy regulations around customer PII mean you must have controls around that data and visibility into how it’s being consumed, by whom. Without that, you have to leave vital information about customer location, demographics, sales and more out of your platform, creating blind spots into your business.

You can utilize all your data and scale with your business needs

You can enable open data policies that deliver the ability to generate business insights from all your data, even the sensitive information, in compliance with the relevant regulations. And you get it in a cloud-native solution that scales easily as your business needs grow.

Derive insights from all your data to maintain your competitive edge.

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