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More Investment in Cybersecurity. More Breaches. More Privacy Violations. Why?

Humans inside of the network have become the primary target for enabling data theft, and the primary focus of data privacy concerns.

Human Factors Are an Enduring Threat


of data breaches originate via human factors


of human factor-attributed breaches are based on error vs. bad intent

Human Factor Breaches Are Difficult to Detect and Contain


Data breach occurs

197 Days

mean elapsed time before a data breach is detected

266 Days

mean elapsed time before data breach is contained after it occurs

The Cost of Breaches Remains Enormous


avg cost per breached data record


avg total cost of a mega breach of 1mm records


avg total cost of a data breach, globally


avg total cost of a mega breach of 50mm records

“Cyber programs often miss the significant portion of risk generated by employees, and current tools are blunt instruments.”

Human Factor Threats Take Many Forms.
Innocent People Cause Breaches Too.

Human factor threats aren’t just about malicious insiders. Just as often, they’re about the threat we all pose to the network and underlying data.

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Compromised Credentials

Innocent employees, partners, and developers whose credentials or devices have been compromised by external bad actors.

Deep Access Data Theft

Opportunistic technical insiders, often under personal or financial stress, who steal or
destroy data through manipulation of
systems and controls – and then cover their tracks.

Technical Misconfigurations

IT resources and developers who have inadvertently exposed networks and sensitive data through misconfiguration or other errors.

Lurking Data Threats

Many networks have already been compromised and have bad actors who are present, monitoring, and waiting for the right opportunity for theft or destruction.

Exposure of Private Data

Resources who – through no fault of their own – are exposed to highly-regulated private personal or financial data during their daily activities.