Solution Briefs


Remove The Risk to Sensitive Data Created by Mobile & IoT

The benefits of mobile and IoT are undeniable. But what are we sacrificing for convenience and connection?

This solution brief explains how the increase in untrusted devices and IoT is expanding your attack surface and creating a myriad of vulnerabilities.  It also reveals how you can finally get connectivity without compromise and secure your data anywhere, anytime.


Remove The Risks of Cloud Migration With ALTR

Traditional cloud migration approaches often leave a gap between the application and security product, opening an opportunity for sensitive data to get stolen or misused. But it shouldn’t (and doesn’t have to) be this way. Cloud migration can be made simpler and safer using ALTR’s Data Security as a Service, which implements security and governance in the application code itself to create complete protection independent of infrastructure.


Manage and Protect Your Enterprise Data Warehouse with ALTR

The combination of consolidation and accessibility can create governance and compliance challenges when it comes to big data warehouses. ALTR makes this easier by embedding intelligence into the database driver that each application uses to connect to the database, creating tamperproof visibility into access, real-time invention to inappropriate data access, and unmatched protection to sensitive data at rest.


Make Trusted Data Privacy Compliance Reporting Easy With ALTR Monitor

Traditional database logs and monitoring products don’t return complete information, especially in terms of what specific data was used. ALTR Monitor is a next-generation monitoring technology that embeds directly in the critical path between users that consume data and the data itself, and provides a complete, tamperproof record of data use that is stored out into an enterprise-class private blockchain.


Cut The Risk & Cost Associated with PCI Compliance

Merchants and Issuers across the payments space are working to reduce both the amount of PCI-sensitive data they store and the number of systems that touch that data, but this can be difficult across disparate and legacy systems. ALTR Protect is a next-generation tokenization technology that integrates more quickly and easily into existing infrastructure than any other solution, and provides unmatched assurance that PANs and any other data types are protected.