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Complete data control for Snowflake.

Wherever you are in your Snowflake journey, ALTR can help. Visualize and understand data usage, implement Snowflake’s native access controls without writing code, and layer advanced security on top of Snowflake to mitigate your data risk, all for free.

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Omer Singer
Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, Snowflake
“Through their native cloud integration with Snowflake’s platform, ALTR’s approach to providing visibility into data activity in Snowflake’s Data Cloud is providing a solution for customers who need to defend against security threats.”  

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SaaS Snowflake integration.

ALTR supports all Snowflake cloud deployments and all connection methods to Snowflake. No need to use proxies, modify applications, or change end user behavior. ALTR automatically syncs Snowflake roles to make getting started even easier.

Automated data discovery, classification, and data usage analytics.

Automatically discover and classify data when connecting to Snowflake. ALTR monitors usage and visualizes who your top roles and users are. No code to write, data to export, or dashboards to create.

Native Snowflake control, just simpler.

Create native policies that control access and dynamically mask sensitive data in Snowflake without writing and maintaining SQL code. With simplified control over data, privacy managers and governance teams can implement policy while data teams focus on higher value tasks.

Advanced security to protect sensitive data.

Use risk-based thresholds to protect data from credentialed access threats and help mitigate your data risk. Data tokenized by ALTR is protected in use and at rest in Snowflake, ensuring all requests for sensitive data follow your governance and security policies.

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ALTR scales with Snowflake

Start for free, then scale to automate configuration and integrate with popular enterprise platforms for governance and security.

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Automated configuration

Configure ALTR via REST API to automate control over data and implement access control and data privacy as code.

Integrate with enterprise platforms

Use ALTR as a standalone service, or integrate with governance platforms like OneTrust and Collibra to automate control over data in Snowflake, facilitate regulatory compliance, and streamline access to data.

Augment your Snowflake security data lake

View and analyze data requests and administrative events in Snowflake Data Marketplace or your favorite SIEM. Integrate directly into your security incident response process.

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