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Snowflake Cloud Integration

Get value out of your sensitive data, quickly and securely.

Deep insights into how data is used. Policy to place limits on data consumption. Extends to support your modern data architecture. All delivered as a service. This is how modern data security should be.

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Share Sensitive Workloads

Add sensitive workloads to Snowflake and grant more access to data with advanced security beyond traditional access controls.

Optimize Usage

Analyze usage, discover patterns, and optimize how sensitive data is used. As more data sources are added to ALTR, more can be discovered.

Integrates Easily

View and analyze data requests and administrative events in Snowflake Data Marketplace or your favorite SIEM. Integrate directly into your incident response process.

How It Works

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Connect your Snowflake account, add data, and create granular policies through ALTR’s cloud platform.

Simple Configuration

No code to write, no software to install, no application changes to make. Just connect and go.

Works Everywhere

Connect to Snowflake using Tableau, Looker, or the tool of your choice (or use the Snowflake UI). ALTR supports all Snowflake connection methods out of the box.

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ALTR makes governing and securing your data easy so you can focus on getting value from it. Get a free trial of ALTR's platform with Snowflake to see how it works.

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