The Age of Data: Seize the Opportunity and Overcome the Risks
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The era of “Big Blue” mainframes taking up whole rooms inside computing facilities can seem like ancient history now that we carry what is essentially a supercomputer in our pockets, but it was really only about sixty years ago. We went from the birth of computing in the 1960s, to the age of personal computers in the 1980s, to the age
of the Internet in the 1990s, and the age of the Cloud in the 2010s. Now, it’s clear we’re in a new age—the Age of Data. The amount of data created and collected has exploded over the last ten years, accelerated by digital transformation’s move to the cloud, the rise in mobile devices, the growth of big data and artificial intelligence
as well as the Internet of Things.

As organizations produce and collect more data, they’re discovering more advantages to being on the leading edge of data utilization – increased efficiencies, improved customer relations, and crucial competitive advantages. But these don’t come without risk. While data can be extraordinarily valuable, the flipside is that losing it is becoming ever more costly. The true winners of the Age of Data will find a way to seize the new opportunities in front of them while overcoming the associated risks.

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The Age of Data: Seize the Opportunity and Overcome the Risks

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