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Giveaways and Additional Resources

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Yeti Cooler Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler! We'll draw for the winner at the end of the conference.

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We'll give you a $10 gift card for 10 minutes of your time.


We'd love to get your thoughts on a few security-oriented questions; the survey will take a quick 5 minutes, and we'll send you a $5 gift card once you submit it.

Additional Content

Company Overview: Secure Consumption of Sensitive Data, Made Simple

ALTR’s Data Security as a Service observes and controls consumption at the individual data request level, offering a new more powerful security model for data: Data Consumption Governance. This additional layer of security provides policy and remediation on data consumption in real time. Here is a brief overview of the benefits ALTR can provide for your organization through our revolutionary approach to data security.

Product Brief: Powerful Data Security, Delivered as a Service

Take a look into ALTR's easy-to-use cloud native Data Security as a Service platform. Data consumption governance is the ability to observe and control how much data is consumed within an organization. With ALTR, your security team not only has a way to view data consumption patterns across the enterprise, they also finally have a critical tool in their arsenal: the ability to set limits on how much data is allowed to be consumed. In this product brief, you'll learn how data consumption governance works.

White Paper: Protecting Sensitive Data in Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Dive into how ALTR's platform provides Cloud Data Warehouses with data consumption governance capabilities. Use ALTR to:

  • Match cloud with cloud by using cloud-native tools when using a cloud data warehouse;
  • Future-proof security and privacy compliance by enabling effective data governance without constant re-engineering;
  • Balance data security with innovation by allowing data users to get what they want without creating trouble;
  • Adopt a transactional mindset by filling gaps with granular visibility and control.

White Paper: Achieving True Zero Trust with Data Consumption Governance

We work in a world where identities and the access levels associated with them are compromised regularly. We need to augment identity systems alongside other approaches that assume that someone isn’t who they say they are. By observing how users and applications regularly consume data and limiting or stopping any abnormal consumption of data in real time, we get very close to a true Zero Trust posture.

Learn more about the term "Zero Trust" and where ALTR fits into the picture with data consumption governance.

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