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Corporate Overview

Secure Consumption of Sensitive Data, Made Simple

ALTR mitigates the risk to sensitive data, unlocks innovation, and lowers the cost of compliance.

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Secure Consumption of Sensitive Data, Made Simple

ALTR mitigates the risk to sensitive data, unlocks innovation, and lowers the cost of compliance.

Published on Jan 20, 2020
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ALTR’s cloud-native service extends Zero Trust to the SQL Layer, stopping credentialed access, privileged access abuse threats and SQL injection attacks.

Most authentication and role based based access control (RBAC) security tools provide a strong first layer, but what if credentials have been shared or compromised, access rights are outdated, or attackers have found their way around those systems?

ALTR’s Data Security as a Service observes and controls consumption at the individual data request level, offering a new more powerful security model for data: Data Consumption Governance. This additional layer of security provides policy and remediation on data consumption in real-time.

Observe, Detect, and Respond in Real-Time

ALTR records every query that involves sensitive data, applies rules on how that data can be consumed, and stops, masks or slows down consumption that violates rules before data is returned to the user.

Rapid Implementation

ALTR’s cloud-native service integrates quickly and easily with no code, no hardware. You are up and governing data consumption in weeks, not months or years.

Covers Data in the Cloud and On-Prem

ALTR covers any data store supporting JDBC or ODBC connections, regardless of where it is, and brings observability and consumption governance for your entire modern data architecture into one platform.

Integrated Data Protection

To defend against direct access threats to data, ALTR can optionally apply our proprietary high-performance tokenization delivered as a service to ensure integrity and security of your data. Queries can run on tokenized data reducing the cycles and key management headaches related to encryption.

Key Solution Profiles

Enhanced Protection for the Data Cloud  (Icons: Snowflake / AWS Redshift)

  • Open up data access with minimal risk by observing, detecting, and responding to anomalous data consumption from data warehouses
  • Data security continuously applied in real time, not after-the-fact
  • No role-based access levels to maintain as roles and data change

Protecting Critical Applications (Icons: Amazon RDS / Oracle / SQL Server / MySQL / PostgreSQL  and more)

  • Mitigate risks of credentialed access to core applications that create and consume data
  • Highly performant and scalable cloud platform keeps application fast
  • Integration with the application workload is independent of infrastructure

End-to-end Data Protection for the Modern Data Architecture

  • Build zero trust into the SQL layer across data flows including core applications and data platforms
  • Protect data as it moves across your architecture from operational data sources to data collection points for analysis

The Simplicity of SaaS

Easy to Implement

Easy console integration and simple configuration via smart database driver, API service, or Service Gateway


Integrates with the application workload, independent of infrastructure, and able to be deployed to any environment

Less Cost and Complexity

Reduces cost and complexity of implementation and maintenance through a cloud-native, integrated approach that scales with the application

Customer Success story: Q2

Q2, a multi-billion dollar digital banking solutions company, selected ALTR to create Q2 TrustView, which is helping 400+ Q2 enterprise banking customers and over 13 million end users with unmatched data security.

“The most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market.” - Adam Blue, CTO, Q2

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Check out our Product Overview to find out more about ALTR's Data Security as a Service and how the platform works, or contact us to get the conversation started.

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