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Partner Program Q&A with Brian Stoner

ALTR VP of Channels and Alliances answers several frequently asked questions about the new ALTR Partner Program

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Partner Program Q&A with Brian Stoner

ALTR VP of Channels and Alliances answers several frequently asked questions about the new ALTR Partner Program

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Published on Jul 23, 2020
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Because ever more companies are on the lookout for solutions to address critical data security needs, ALTR recognizes the benefit of creating an expansive network of channel partners. Brian Stoner, ALTR’s VP of Channels and Alliances, has developed a partner program designed to benefit both partners and customers. He explains it in more detail in this Q&A.

What's the purpose of ALTR's partner program?

The purpose of everything we do is to protect the critical data of our customers using the ALTR data security as a service (DSaaS) platform. The partner program is a vital piece of that. We are building and enabling a strong commercial network as partners identify potential new mutual customers, engage with them to understand their data security challenges, and then provide them with the most relevant recommendations for implementation and ongoing support.

How does the partner program benefit customers and partners?

To help our customers as much as possible, we’re always looking to work with the partners who understand their business the best. Depending on the complexity of a given customer’s IT environment, there could be two or more partners involved. We’ve built our partner program to make sure that each customer gets exactly what they need and that each partner is rewarded appropriately for their contribution to helping the customer reach that outcome.

What are the different types of partners ALTR works with?

We work with several kinds of partners, from small consulting firms to large systems integrators and resellers. This allows us to reach many different kinds of customers and work with them in the ways that they prefer. Our recently launched partners page goes into more detail on each type of partner we work with.

There are two levels of partnership in the program — what's the difference?

As partners evolve in their relationship with ALTR and their understanding of our products, they can become more independent in their ability to connect with potential customers. One crucial example of reaching that higher level comes when a partner develops the ability to carry out a successful proof of concept (PoC) of ALTR’s technology within a customer’s environment. We want to honor the extra work those partners do by rewarding them with additional margin from the sale.

You've introduced a new approach to compensation for partners. How does it benefit partners, and where did the idea come from?

The program is called ALTR Stackable Margins, and it grows out of my experience across many years of working with channel partners. All too often, traditional partner programs have been centered on deal registration, which is an all-or-nothing approach that rewards only the partner who completes the transaction. The reality today, though, is that channel sales have evolved and become much more interconnected, with different partners each taking a role. That means that the rewards for a completed deal need to be shared fairly.

With our Stackable Margins approach, we have broken out the contributions that partners can make across the different phases of a complex sales cycle, then assigned specific portions of the sales margin to each phase. That way, the more work a partner does with a customer, the more they earn. Partners who know they will earn fair rewards for their efforts are more likely to work harder for us and for our customers, which means better outcomes for everyone.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with ALTR, take a look at the comprehensive Partner Guide here, or contact us directly by clicking "Become a Partner" here.  

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