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Data Security Platform

Designed to eliminate threats to data, install with no new components into existing infrastructure, and configure without requiring a degree in engineering.

Comprehensive Defense for Sensitive Data

ALTR Monitor

ALTR Monitor is a data access intelligence product that provides digital truth to your organization. It sits in a unique vantage point between applications and the data they need, stores all data access requests immutably and securely in a private blockchain, and produces intelligence in terms that business stakeholders understand.

Security gets smarter, the business benefits from operational insights, and a 100% accurate and protected audit trail becomes a powerful asset for compliance.

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ALTR Govern

ALTR Govern allows the business to create and enforce data access governance policy in real time. Rule-based locks and thresholds can be created and applied to highly granular data flows, slowing down or stopping access as required.

Data breaches are cut off before they can start and breach risk is diminished dramatically.

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ALTR Protect

ALTR Protect tokenizes sensitive data inside your operational database, fragments it, and scatters it across a private blockchain. This produces highly secure keyless data protection with low latency and zero impact to existing application function.

Unauthorized physical or root access to data becomes meaningless, and data maintains its versioning and chain of custody immutably, indefinitely.

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ChainAPI is for Developers. Bring the security and immutability of ALTRchain data storage with many data access intelligence and governance features into your own application.

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