On-Demand OneTrust Webinar: Simplifying Data Governance Through Automation

Payment Card Industry Data (PCI)

ALTR regularly assists with PCI DSS compliance by helping remove sensitive PCI data from regulatory scope. ALTR’s Data Security as a Service plugs in easily and tokenizes data immediately into a proprietary cloud vault, rapidly assisting customers in achieving and maintaining their own compliance. Once in that vault, ALTR tracks and governs access to the data such that it can’t be exfiltrated or abused using credentialed access.

Payment Card Information includes account numbers, CVVs, and other data that can be exploited immediately for the theft of funds. While payment methods can be easily disabled, giving this data a shorter life than PII or PHI, a lot of damage can be done quickly before protective measures are taken.


The PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) was established by the payment card industry and is a gold standard for data protection in a highly transactional data industry. ALTR has adopted many of the industry’s strategies in its Data Security as a Service, applying them to all types of data, and is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider.