ALTR + Q2 : Read The Latest News & How We Are Helping Banks and Credit Unions

We Partner to Deliver the Future of Data Security

Our partners are building new lines of business, creating competitive advantage, and delivering unprecedented new breach protection with transformational, blockchain-based data security.

We are Partner-Driven.

We join forces with a wide variety of partners who leverage ALTR technology to eradicate human factor data risks for their customers.

Managed Security Service Providers

ALTR partners with security and privacy-centric services firms seeking to build highly innovative, easy-entry managed services for the data-centric enterprise to uniquely address human threats inside of the network.

System Integrators

System Integrators partner with us to build comprehensive new practice around blockchain-based data security spanning data classification, governance policy development, solution deployment and integration.

Independent Software Vendors

ISVs looking to build the next generation of data security into their applications partner with ALTR to deliver seamless, blockchain-based protection from pervasive human risk factors.

IT Strategy and Security Consultants

Consultants partner with us to execute on the new paradigm of enterprise data strategies that stretch across Privacy, Analytics, to Security.

“In ALTR, we see a partner capable of producing immediate transformational experiences for our clients in the realm of enterprise data security.”

Thomas Helfrich, CTO

A Transformational Platform for Growth.

With the breakthrough, blockchain-enabled ability to eliminate breaches that originate from human factors, ALTR empowers you to grow your business and protect your customers.

Activate New Lines of Recurring Revenue

Offer a premium new data security solution that addresses an urgent, unmet customer need – protection against human factor data breaches. Add ALTR to your portfolio to activate valuable new lines of profitable, recurring revenue.

Protect Your Customers and Your Business

If your customers are not already on the ALTR platform, their sensitive data is exposed to human factor threats. Now you can deliver data security assurance to every application. Every deployment. Every managed environment..

Seemlessly Add Value to Your Offerings

ALTR technology is optimized for seamless integration with your customer’s existing applications and databases, while strengthening existing cybersecurity investments. Design ALTR into your applications, managed service offerings, and security consulting strategies.

Extensible Blockchain Platform

Our underlying ALTRChain architecture and ChainAPI gives your business the ability to create valuable new applications that leverage advanced blockchain security and distributed ledger capabilities.