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Connecting the Data Ecosystem

ALTR partners with data-oriented technology and solution providers to ensure customers can safely share and analyze their sensitive data. ALTR’s cloud platform enables seamless integration with a wide variety of enterprise tools used to ingest, transform, store, govern, secure, and analyze data. Together, we can connect the enterprise data ecosystem and help bring customers into the age of data.

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“As data discovery, access, and sharing in the cloud accelerates, there’s an increased need for visibility into data consumption so that organizations can connect the dots and defend against security threats. ALTR can provide visibility into users accessing data and provide that telemetry via Snowflake Data Marketplace for combining with other datasets in a security data lake.”
Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake
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Our team of experienced data and analytics consultants see ALTR as a remarkably effective tool for securing critical data and achieving the promise of data self-management in data platforms like Snowflake and other enterprise applications.
Fred Bliss, CTO, Aptitive

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