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We are partnering to deliver the future of data security.

ALTR is developing a rich ecosystem of partners to grow our businesses together while making risks to our customers’ data a thing of the past.

System Integrators

As a technology-focused company, ALTR relies on system integrator partners to provide the variety of technical and business services needed to deliver our solution. Our SI partners receive sales enablement and access to the ALTR sales team to drive new opportunities in their customer base. Our more advanced partners act as ALTR experts in the field and see advanced roadmaps while receiving training, accreditation and certification, business planning, and growth targets from a dedicated partner manager.

Consultants and Referral Partners

We have many consultancies and other referral partners who are advocates for ALTR within their customers when appropriate.

Technology Partners and Alliance Partners

ALTR has developed many key integrations with partners who make complementary technologies to provide a comprehensive solutions for our customers.

OEM Partners

ALTR is working closely with OEM partners to develop optimized business solutions leveraging unique complementary features within the ALTR Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) Platform.

MSSP Partners

Our MSSP Partners are building offerings by incorporating ALTR into a bundled go-to-market package. Our MSSPs manage the relationship with their customers, from identification of the opportunity through successful POC, implementation of the solution, and management of Level 1/Level 2 support for that customer for the life of the relationship.

The Stackable Margin Program

Too often, the rewards for partner programs are given to whichever partner grabs the deal registration — the last link in the chain — without reflecting the efforts of other partners. Our unique program has been developed to eliminate channel conflict and drive the best possible outcome for customers. Within the program, points of margin can be “stacked” to compensate both the partner who closes the transaction and other partners who play a role in the successful closure of an opportunity, or who provide managed services and product support.

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ALTR Partners