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Simplifying Data Governance Through Automation

OneTrust Integration

Blake Brannon
Chief Strategy Officer, OneTrust
“ALTR’s data consumption and protection capabilities combined with OneTrust DataDiscovery and DataGovernance will enable businesses to confidently detect and protect their data.”

Simplify your data governance process by automating manual tasks.  From quickly connecting data sources to data discovery and classification, all the way to creating & enforcing policy.

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Know Your Data

  • Discover and classify personal data and understand which privacy regulations are in scope.
  • Create policy to restrict access to data based on sensitivity.
  • Catalog data, link to policies, and visualize data lineage.

Control Your Data

  • ALTR automatically controls data access based on OneTrust policy.
  • Policy can control access to data based on time of day, day of week, access rate, location, and more.
  • Critically sensitive data can be tokenized, protecting it in use, in transit, and at rest.

Protect Your Data

  • Automatically detect and respond to policy violations, preventing sensitive data from being seen in the clear.
  • Integrate data governance with data security and your organization's SIEM, SOAR, and incident response processes.

See Value Immediately

No code to write, no software to install, no application changes to make. Just connect and go.

Save Time & Money

Automation saves teams time and effort while ensuring consistent enforcement.

Unify Governance & Security

Closes the gap between governance policy creation and enforcement of access controls.

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Watch how OneTrust and ALTR work together to provide you with complete data intelligence and governance.

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