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Our Origin Story

What if enterprises could protect their data the way Wall Street protects its money?

ALTR was founded by a core team whose previous work was in algorithmic options trading technology. In that world, data was money. Security was incorporated in-line with low latency, and maintaining secure custody of data was vital.

In that environment, the assumption was that the network would be breached, because architecturally it’s simply too difficult to defend. And with cloud and device proliferation, it’s also becoming more difficult all the time.
But outside of Wall Street, efforts to defend the network have created a crisis of trust. Can executives trust IT? Can IT trust users? Can anyone trust the technology that runs their business, especially in the Cloud?

It’s better to focus on what bad actors actually want: the data. By understanding how it flows, creating and enforcing policy to govern that flow, and protecting it in place when it is not flowing, threats to data can be reduced to nearly zero. Digital trust can be restored.

ALTR's mission is to restore digital trust by transforming the way that data is monitored, accessed, and securely stored.

Careers at ALTR

We build cutting-edge technology, but we also build people. Come and join a rapidly-growing organization that is passionate about learning and the notion that we grow together when we grow individually.

We currently have many positions open in software development, testing, dev ops, sales, and product management at all levels of experience.

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