ALTR eBook: Snowflake Data Governance Buying Guide

Data Consumption Governance for Modern Data Architectures

Modern data architectures start with core applications that create and use data, and then migrates through to data warehouse collections that power business insights. Along the way, data is shared, both inbound data from third party sources and outbound data shared with close partners.

By combining powerful consumption governance at every entry and exit point with proprietary high-performance tokenization, ALTR’s cloud-native platform protects your modern data architecture from end to end. ALTR is simple to install and easy to use.

ALTR Platform Diagram

Observability of Data Consumption

ALTR allows you to observe data as it is created or brought into your data architecture, when is it consumed out of one data store and sent to another, and any time it exits your architecture for internal analysis or sharing with third parties. Understanding the risk points for data and being able to mitigate those risks starts with tamper-resistant observability at the query level.

Detection and Response to Abnormal Consumption in Real Time

ALTR can detect abnormal data consumption or activity at every entry point, transition point, and exit point across the modern data architecture and slow down or mask in real-time at the individual transaction level.

High-Performance Data Protection

ALTR’s proprietary high-performance tokenization service functions without keys or maps, tokenizing data at entry points and detokenizing at permitted consumption points in order secure data from direct access and exfiltration at any point in between.

Broad Support for Modern Data Stores On-Prem and in the Cloud