ALTR eBook: Snowflake Data Governance Buying Guide

Keeping Sensitive Data Secure

ALTR Data Security as a Service provides security and privacy by design.

Credentialed access threats and privileged access abuse

Administrative or user access to applications is the #1 source of risk to sensitive data. Credentials are often weak or used in multiple places, which makes them prone to theft and use in credential-stuffing attacks. Access is often abused or sold intentionally. Human error causes misconfiguration and the granting of too much access.

ALTR sits in the critical path between users and data, controlling how data is consumed in a zero-trust model that mitigates the risk of credentialed access to sensitive data.

Direct access to the database threats

Physical access to servers and administrative rights to database systems are a tremendous source of risk to sensitive data. This is particularly true as data moves to the Cloud, and control over infrastructure diminishes. This threat is often the only barrier in the way of an enterprise’s ability to make the savings and efficiency of the Cloud a reality.

ALTR uses advanced deterministic tokenization to replace sensitive data inside of data stores, fragmenting it across a distributed cloud vault. This renders it useless for bad actors but still fully functional for the enterprise.

Governance of data consumption rates, thresholds, and locations

When the use of sensitive data is permitted, consumption of that data must be carefully controlled in order to prevent its exposure. Without governance, the issue of sensitive “dark” data on the network continues to haunt the enterprise. Data that is stolen is often a copy of data that was removed from a more secure location.

ALTR provides data access monitoring and governance as a service that enables companies to easily and quickly classify sensitive data and managing detailed policies around how, when, from where and how much it can be accessed.