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Protecting Sensitive Data in Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Published on Jun 01, 2020
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Data Security as a Service for Cloud Data Warehouses


ALTR provides Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) to help organizations:

  • Mitigate the security risks of data sharing. Understand and control exactly who is consuming which data—including when, where, and how much.
  • Ensure compliance today and tomorrow. Comply with data-use requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and future regulations using granular controls and reporting.
  • Increase the value of data. Understand and prioritize the value and quality of data sets using detailed data access intelligence.


Access Monitoring and Visibility

  • Embeds in the critical path of data, recording rich query history.
  • Logs and stores all data access in a tamper-resistant vault for data intelligence and compliance reporting.
  • Publishes data back into your cloud data warehouse for analysis.

Governance Locks and Thresholds

  • Sets rules-based policy down to the column level depending on who is accessing data, when, and from where, and on how much data is being consumed.
  • Enables administrators to receive alerts and slow or block users in real time when thresholds are exceeded or policies are violated.
  • Integrates into enterprise SIEM to allow security and SecOps teams to detect and respond to anomalies.


ALTR integrates easily, supporting:

  • High performance — Cloud data warehouses are all about speed, and ALTR handles queries of all sizes with no meaningful impact on latency.
  • Ease of integration and use — A simple, intuitive user console enables easy viewing of all access activity, configuration of data access policies, and integration with SIEM and data visualization tools.
  • Any scale of data, workload, and users — ALTR’s cloud service scales naturally up and down as needed — regardless of workloads, amount of data, or number of concurrent users.
  • High service level — ALTR maintains the same high level of availability as your cloud data warehouse, ensuring that both services work together all the time you need them.

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