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Published on Jun 01, 2020
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Want to Learn More About Protecting Sensitive Data in Your Cloud Data Warehouse?

As we discussed during the webinar, even the best CDWs need some help when it comes to managing data access and data governance more broadly. Because most security or privacy problems arise from the theft of credentials, and most users have at least some basic access to sensitive data, tools for observability and governance have to go deeper - to the query level - and be able to mitigate risks in real-time.

For each data request, ask yourself: who is accessing which data? How much data are they requesting? When? From Where? These questions are key, and knowing the answers can potentially protect your organization against a malicious data exfiltration event or a broad privacy exposure.

How ALTR Can Help

By embedding security and governance within the application itself, ALTR enables your organization to improve data protection while taking full advantage of the portability, scalability, and speed of the cloud, with very little impact on performance.

ALTR will optimize your cloud data warehouse by:

  • Governing sensitive data down to the individual query, in real time
  • Tracking and logging all query activity to a granular level rich with context
  • Implementing rules and thresholds to govern the flow of data based on time, place, identity, consumption amount, and more.

Whether you already run a cloud data warehouse or are in the market for one, get started with ALTR to keep your data safe and make the most of your current (or future) investment.

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