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Data Security as a Service: How It Works

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Published on Feb 01, 2021
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How ALTR Works

ALTR delivers data intelligence, governance, and security as a service to enable the data-driven enterprise. By eliminating time consuming installation, configuration, and maintenance, customers can get started quickly, realize value immediately, and operationalize their data strategy using a single platform. Organizations realize these benefits by connecting data sources, observing how data is used, creating policy over data, protecting data at rest, and automatically responding to policy violations.

The ALTR Platform

Data Intelligence

ALTR records granular details around each request for data so you can better understand where it is, how it’s used, and who your top users are. Use this intelligence to:

  • Understand data usage - Observe your organization’s normal data usage and identify abnormal behavior.
  • Measure risk - Use your understanding of sensitive data consumption to determine your risk exposure.
  • Improve operations - Analyze data usage to find areas to improve processes and reduce costs.

Data Governance

Create policies to mask, tokenize, and control access to data across the enterprise through a centralized cloud platform. Then, go beyond traditional access controls and place policy over how much data can be consumed.

  • Remove governance silos - save time and energy by centralizing governance policies within a single platform.
  • Reduce regulatory risk - control data consumption and tokenize sensitive data to mitigate the risks of breaches and fines.
  • Auditable reporting - every request for data and every policy violation is recorded. Share these records with auditors for simplified compliance reporting.

Data Security

Once policy is defined, ALTR automatically responds to abnormal requests by preventing sensitive information from being viewed in the clear while generating security events for your team to review. Investigate security events in ALTR’s platform or integrate response into your incident response process.

  • Protect sensitive workloads - Tokenize data to protect from direct access threats and grant controlled access to sensitive data.
  • Mitigate credentialed threats - Do more than alert. Proactively stop data from being viewed in the clear while your team investigates potential threats.
  • SOC integration - Send data usage records and security events to your favorite SIEM/SOAR tools. Integrate ALTR into your incident response process.

Try ALTR For Yourself Today

ALTR offers powerful data intelligence, governance, and security for data-driven enterprises. With ALTR’s cloud platform, you can implement a data strategy that scales across your organization, and remove the complexity that comes with installing, maintaining, and scaling third party software. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

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