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Partner Program Guide

An overview of the ways you and your organization can partner with ALTR to achieve positive outcomes for your customers

Published on May 01, 2020
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ALTR is developing a rich ecosystem of partners that will support customers in their journey to adopt and leverage the ALTR Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) platform. To achieve the best possible outcomes for all partners and to ensure that every partner is compensated for the value they bring to their relationship with ALTR, we have developed a brand-new approach.

Developers / Consultants / Referral Partners

There are many types of developers and consultants that engage with software manufacturers. Developers engage with customers in application modernization and cloud transformation projects. Consultants provide incident response services and advice to end customers looking to improve their application security. Because some of these parties cannot receive compensation to maintain their independence, we will work with each partner to establish an appropriate relationship. Referral Partners can be anyone who is able to advocate for ALTR to gain entrance into net-new customer accounts.

System Integrators — Level 1

These entry-level resale partners receive sales enablement and access to the ALTR sales team to drive new opportunities in their customer bases. As they gain confidence in the ALTR solution, they can accrue more benefits with an increased commitment.

System Integrators — Level 2

This higher level of commitment is rewarded with a higher level of benefits. Level 2 partners are ALTR evangelists and trusted advisors for their customers. ALTR will provide these partners with advanced product roadmaps, training, accreditation and certification, business planning, and growth targets via the ALTR channel manager.

Technology Partners & Alliance Partners

ALTR will develop integrations with complementary security technologies to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. Each of these relationships will be unique, based on the application of ALTR DSaaS technology in combination with the partner’s core technology. To drive more value for our customers, we will focus on providing full documentation of these relationships through our Technology Alliance Activation Program. Within this program, our top partners will receive Activation Kits that include assets such as a one-page cobranded overview, a cobranded PowerPoint deck, a listing on our website, a short video describing the value for end customers, and a white paper that outlines instructions for integrating the products.

OEM Partners

ALTR will work closely with OEM partners to develop optimized business solutions that leverage unique complementary features within the ALTR DSaaS Platform. Each OEM partner will have a custom agreement with ALTR.

Program Benefits

ALTR Stackable Margins is a unique program that has been developed to eliminate channel conflict and drive the best possible outcomes for all parties. There are several stages within the sales cycle that lead to positive outcomes. Those stages include:

  • Net-new opportunity identification and referral
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Completed resale transaction

Each partner will have the ability to register net-new opportunities. The partner will send an e-mail to a dedicated address to register the opportunity, then receive a response for approval or denial within 24 hours. An approval qualifies the partner to earn the net-new opportunity margin.

Successfully executing a POC is required for enterprise customers. Partners that become proficient in staging, implementing, and conducting POCs and analyzing the results will receive certification by ALTR. Partners that invest in building those skills will earn margin for each successfully conducted POC with a customer.

Resale transactions in most large organizations require multiple quotes to secure a purchase order. There are several challenges in this stage, especially if the partner who initiated the net-new opportunity and conducted the POC is not the partner that closes the deal, for example if the end customer prefers to close the transaction through their preferred reseller. With this model there will be points of margin available to compensate the partner who closes the transaction as well as the other partners that played a role in the successful closure of an opportunity.

ALTR Stackable Margins

Each partner’s margin for a transaction is calculated by adding up the earned margins across the different activities, with percentages based on the agreed-upon customer purchase price. If a partner does not complete the transaction, their participation margin will be calculated on the net revenue that ALTR receives from the transaction. Non-resale margin payments will be made quarterly to the partner once payment has been received by ALTR.

Example 1 – Partner A is a Level 2 resale partner for ALTR. They identify a net-new customer, conduct a successful POC that achieves the technical win, and successfully complete the transaction with the customer. This partner receives 30% of the ultimate sale price.

Example 2 – Partner A identifies a net-new customer and registers the opportunity with ALTR. Partner A also successfully conducts the POC. The end customer’s purchasing department reviews the quote from Partner A and states that they require additional quotes from Partner B and Partner C. Partner B and Partner C deliver quotes, and Partner C ultimately wins the resale transaction.

In this scenario two partners will be compensated:

  • Partner A receives 20% of the net revenue that ALTR receives on the transaction.
  • Partner C receives 10% of the agreed-upon sale price.

This program also simplifies partner onboarding. In order to become a Level 1 partner, all that is needed is an MNDA and a referral agreement or resale agreement. There are no technical enablement requirements, and ALTR will conduct all POC activities in conjunction with the Level 1 partner.Once a Level 1 partner completes the necessary enablement requirements, they can earn Level 2 status. This provides additional opportunities to earn margin by successfully conducting POCs.

Renewal Incumbency Program

Renewals are an important revenue stream for all partners. Partners that successfully help ALTR maintain our customer base will be rewarded with a 20% margin on the renewal purchase price to the customer. ALTR will notify the incumbent partner 90 days before the renewal anniversary date. A non-incumbent partner that closes a renewal will receive a 10% margin.

Partner Requirements

  • Reach program-level revenue goals to maintain status (Level 1: $50K per year; Level 2: $500K+ per year)
  • Achieve required training accreditations according to partner level
  • Participate in business planning and reviews with ALTR
  • Maintain an ALTR lab environment
  • Participate in periodic ALTR surveys

Partner Benefits

  • Financial Incentives
  • Margin on deal registrations (as explained above)
  • Sales incentives to drive growth
  • Marketing development funds based on an approved business case for demand generation
  • Volume-based incentives for exceeding annual commitments

Partner Communications

The ALTR Partner Program provides partner-focused newsletters, e-mails, and webinars on a monthly basis.

Field Sales and Marketing Support

ALTR resources will be provided through your channel account manager. Introductions to ALTR account managers and proposals for marketing support will be arranged through them.

Terms and Conditions

ALTR Partners are required to accept the program terms and conditions as set forth in the ALTR Partner Program contract. Partner performance will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that partners are maintaining the requirements for their level. Partners may be re-leveled based on results.

Partner Enablement Requirements

ALTR POC Training (1 day)


Pilot/POC Request Process

  • Organizations/tenants in ALTR Cloud
  • Requesting ALTR software (CDM, ALTR driver, ALTR API documentation, etc.)
  • ALTR points of contact for sales and technical issues

Pilot/POC Lifecycle Overview

  • Pilot/POC questionnaire
  • Pilot/POC templates
  • Functional criteria
  • Performance criteria
  • Client readout templates
  • Ensuring pilot/POC success

ALTR Level 1/Level 2 Support Training (2 days)


Technical Product Overview


Architectural Overview

  • Application environment (client-side)
  • ALTR DB, ALTR API, and data flows

Security Model

  • Application environment (client-side)

Prospect/Client Use-Cases

  • Financial services (PII, PCI)
  • Healthcare (PII, PHI, PCI)

Technical Qualification


Hands-On Lab: Securing a sample Java application with ALTR

  • Installation/Configuration of Java application with database backend
  • Installation/Configuration of ALTR’s JDBC smart driver
  • Installation/Configuration of ALTR’s CDM client
  • ALTR Console, Monitor, Govern, Protect

Partner Program Benefits

Support Escalation Contacts

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