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Build Without Limits

Add automated governance and security into your applications and innovate without restrictions.

ALTR’s cloud platform enables automated governance and security at scale without requiring complex installation of third party software. Trusted by lean startups and billion dollar enterprises, ALTR simplifies your data architecture so you can focus on delivering value with your applications.

Simple Implementation

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Connect to ALTR’s cloud platform via REST API or smart JDBC and ODBC drivers.


Manage governance and security policy through ALTR’s platform or management API.


There is no step three.
Read how ALTR enables development teams to adopt a security-first mindset.

Connect Easily

Use smart database drivers to connect clusters of applications and govern structured data. Batch or stream structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using ALTR’s REST API.

Smart Database Drivers

ALTR Smart JDBC and ODBC drivers wrap an application's existing driver to provide “out of the box” governance and security. Smart database drivers selectively, asynchronously, and automatically send SQL statements to ALTR’s platform, where queries and result sets are monitored and governance policy is applied.

Rest API

ALTR’s REST API protects sensitive structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data at rest through keyless, mapless tokenization. Sensitive data can be tokenized or detokenized in batches via JSON, or streamed at scale for high throughput, low latency operations.

Read how ALTR helped Q2’s Biller Direct offering become Level 1 PCI DSS certified in 30 days.
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Focus On Innovation

Once connected, sensitive data can be managed through ALTR’s cloud platform or management API. Governance and security teams can control access to data, mask or tokenize sensitive data, place limits on data consumption, and respond to anomalous activity while engineers stay focused on development.

Management API

Using ALTR’s management API, governance policy can be automated, modifying access to data, masking policies, and more according to business needs. Security teams can also benefit by integrating ALTR’s detection and response capabilities into SOAR and incident response processes.

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That's it.

No major software components to complicate your application architecture. Simply connect to ALTR and start automating governance and security in your applications.

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