On-Demand OneTrust Webinar: Simplifying Data Governance Through Automation

Data Consumption Governance for Critical Applications

Core applications that create and use sensitive data, but also have high transactional throughput and a high bar for performance, are notoriously difficult to protect with legacy data security solutions without impacting business.

Consumption Governance

ALTR’s platform allows for real-time governance of data consumption at the individual query level, in a very simple, high-performance cloud-native service. ALTR is simple to install and easy to use.

Tamper Resistant Observability

ALTR records every data transaction in a tamper-resistant log in the cloud, creating observability of data consumption to understand data risk and make demonstrating compliance much simpler.

Detection and Response for Abnormal Data Consumption

ALTR detects abnormal data consumption and responds in real time to slow down or dynamically mask data in transactions as they happen.

Protection from Direct Access

ALTR optionally provides selective, high-performance tokenization as a service that protects data from direct access and forces consumption of data to come through the data consumption governance model.

Broad Support for Data Stores On-Prem and in the Cloud