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Would you rather write some code or click a button? With ALTR’s integration for cloud data security in Snowflake, you can automatically discover, classify, and tag sensitive data with a checkbox. Add controls like data masking from a drop-down menu. Get going in less than an hour.

With no code required, you can stop wasting time and start adding more value. Today.

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Better understand normal data usage

You can’t stop abnormal data access – before it does real damage – if you don’t know what normal looks like. We can help you see what sensitive data is used, by whom, when, and how much in a normal day. Then you can build access control policies around that.

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Get to a full 360 view of the business

BI tools provide critical business analysis and insight based on the data you’ve gathered in a cloud data warehouse. But if you’re using a shared service account to deliver user access, you might not include sensitive data because you can’t see who’s accessing it or ensure it stays safe. ALTR can help complete your view, securely.

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Migrate sensitive data to the cloud securely

You’re migrating and consolidating data in a cloud data warehouse to get insights from cross-referencing sales, ERP, CRMs, and more. But you have to make sure that your cloud data security in Snowflake is just as powerful as the security in your datacenter. ALTR and our ETL partners can help you do this easily and simply.

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Keep highly sensitive data secure, even from admins

You want to move highly sensitive payroll data to Snowflake so you can better understand your business. But even your Snowflake admin shouldn’t be able to see that data. Sounds tricky, but our unique combination of data governance and cloud data security features makes sure no one gets access without data owners knowing.

Easily control and protect sensitive data - unlock value faster

Painless Policy Enforcement

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Automated, tag-based access controls

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Easy, flexible data masking on sensitive and regulated data

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Integrations with enterprise data governance solutions to enable unified policy-based controls

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Industry-first Data Usage Heatmaps and drill-down Analytics Dashboards

Patented Security Technology

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Thresholding functionality that sends an alert, slows, or stops abnormal data access to halt credentialed access attacks

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Seamless integration with existing infosec tools

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Smart DB drivers that stop SQL injections

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